Юридическо-оценочная фирма  «ПАРТНЕР»

Private entrepreneur registration

In accordance with Article 23 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation a citizen has the right to be engaged into entrepreneurial activities without setting up a legal entity since the moment of his/her registration as a private entrepreneur (hereinafter - PE).

An individual entrepreneur shall be liable for his/her obligations with all property belonging to him/her, except for property which by law can not be levied.

In accordance with Russian legislation a fully capable person who has been duly registered as a PE has the right to carry out business activities.

Documents / information required to be submitted for PE state registration:

1. Passport details;
2. Certificate of registration with the tax authority (TIN certificate);
3. 4. Activities according to Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities;
4. Information on a chosen taxation system;
5. Copy of a foreign citizen ID document (if a person being registered as a PE is a foreign citizen);
6. Copy of the document confirming the right of an individual being registered as a PE to temporarily or permanently reside in the Russian Federation (if a person being registered as a PE is a foreign citizen or a stateless citizen).

We offer the following services for citizens being registered as a PE:

1. Preparation of documents for PE registration;
2. Registration of a PE in a tax authority;
3. Obtaining the certificate of PE state registration and the certificate of registration with a tax authority;
4. Obtaining notification of the insured from off-budgetary funds;
5. Making seal.

After registration as a PE you will receive the following documents:

1. Certificate of state registration of a person as a PE (Certificate of assigning Principal State Private Entrepreneur Registration Number);
2. Certificate of registration with a tax authority (TIN certificate);
3. Extract from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (Extract from EGRIP).
4. PE seal (if needed).